Formed Walls

Why Choose Formed Concrete Walls for Your Project?

A few facts from the Concrete Foundations Association:

  • Based on engineering analysis, unreinforced hollow core concrete block basement walls for

    residential construction are not nearly as strong as solid poured walls.

  • Compared to block construction, a concrete wall goes up fast, increases productivity.

  • Poured concrete walls provide builders and owners with stronger, drier, better basements. 

They offer performance that block walls simply can’t match, and they do it at a competitive price.

More info from the Concrete Foundations Association of North America can be found here.

A Few Other Facts….

  • The complete process of installing concrete forms, pouring the concrete, and breaking the forms down can take as little as 2 or 3 partial days of work.

  • Poured concrete foundations are usually 6-10 inches thick and joint-free, unlike concrete block walls. Consequently they are considered to produce stronger and drier foundation walls, critical for  basement walls.

  • Poured concrete foundations provide for highly flexible floor plans.


See Images of Formed Walls Being Constructed By Medlin Construction & Concrete


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